Around the Table Conversation Cards

$29.99 AUD

These awesome Around the Table Conversation cards were created by an Australian Mum, Danielle who had lost focus on dinner time with her family and felt she was missing out on connecting as a family both socially and emotionally, as well as providing valuable learning opportunities for her  children. Danielle realised that she needed make a change and focus more on what happens once we sit down to eat. With this passion she founded Around The Table, a service designed to make dinnertime easier and more enjoyable so families can enjoy the many benefits of eating dinner together. 

Tiny Tots Dinner Conversation Cards- Your Tiny Tots will love these specifically designed cards that help to create healthy and fun mealtime routines for families with pre-school aged children (3-7 years). Your handy - take anywhere - felt pouch contains: A unique mix of 80 questions and games that are both fun and educational for families with young children which include:

Learning moments with questions that include safety as well as feeling identification (proven to reduce outbursts and frustrations in toddlers)

Fun and engaging questions that take the focus off the food, which you'll be surprised how much this helps to make mealtimes easier (great for fussy eaters).

Teens and Tweens Dinner Conversation Cards- Feel the benefits of creating SPECIAL moments over DinnerOur questions and games provide a positive platform for your teen or tween to share developing thoughts, feelings and opinions in a proven safe environment - your home. Designed for families with teens and tweens aged 8-17 years, each pack includes, A unique mix of 80 age relevant question and game cards, written by experts to entice participation. 

All Households Packs: Want more fun around your table?

Best suited for ages 6-99 years including couples, singles, housemates, friends, teachers, grandparents or families with grown up children, or as the name suggests ALL HOUSEHOLDS that would enjoy making their next gathering, be it on zoom or in person, more fun and engaging!

Enjoy your handy take anywhere felt pouch containing:

  • A unique mix of 80 different general question and simple game cards designed to make the most of your time together around the table